Brooklyn Robotics Center

Brooklyn Robotics Center

an architectural competition
SuckerPunch, 2012, in collaboration with Michael Haas

The study and making of robotics has become an intrinsic part of society, where designing and prototyping have been attracting individual frim different disciplines, nationalities and ages. The Brooklyn Robotics Workshop addresses the need to create a facility where robotics enthusiasts and professionals can interact with and prototype such technology, while exhibiting their projects to the community.


The structure’s program responds to the creative needs of the robotics community to experiment and the curiosity of the public to actively participate.

It offers a seamless network of spaces that break the barriers between private and public spaces, allowing for an open dialogue among users.

Meanwhile, the exterior of the structure focuses its attention toward the local community and surrounding sites that act as attraction points for the structure. The form develops a magnetic shift towards these geographic instances, creating an internal and external atmosphere that is both dynamic and transparent, providing an immersive experience for all.

The project was selected in the top 16 of the 2012 suckerPUNCH Robot Workshop Competition.

Project Year: 2012