Master of Fine Arts in Experience Design (MFA), 2014
Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm:Sweden
Thesis: "The Limits of Empathy"

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design (BA), 2012
University of Kentucky, College of Design, Lexington:KY

Bachelor of Arts in Art History (BA), 2011
University of Kentucky, College of Fine Arts, Lexington:KY

Minor in Digital Media & Art Studio
University of Kentucky, Lexington:KY


Product UX Designer
Alchemy, a Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati:OH, 11/2018:now
I am leading the User Experience design for the home care product team, working together with P&G researchers, product managers and brand designers to create the digital experience of e-commerce and IoT platforms. I am an advocate of human-centered design, accessibility and diversity, encouraging the practice of inclusivity in digital platforms.

Since January 2019, I have been working on Alchemy’s first design apprenticeship, leading its proposal development, recruiting and mentoring to strengthen Alchemy’s impact on the local design community.

Adjunct Instructor
University of Kentucky, College of Design, Fall Semester 2019
Undergraduate instructor for "Professional Practice Preparation" in the School of Interiors
A comprehensive review of professional career development in preparation for a design work experience or internship.

Founder and Design Lead
The Welcome Card, Stockholm:Sweden, 05/2016:now
Winner of the What Design Can Do + UNHCR + IKEA Foundation Refugee Challenge

I am the co-founder and design lead of Sprig Design Ekonomisk Förening, the startup non-profit overseeing the development of The Welcome Card proposal. I am leading the venture in creative direction and design research, social impact measurement, budget proposals and funding applications, engaging with like-minded community leaders and volunteers.

Adjunct Instructor
University of Kentucky, College of Design, Fall Semester 2018
Graduate elective instructor for "Design Innovation in Systemic Challenges" in the School of Architecture

Design thinking, combined with systems theory and interdisciplinary research, has the ability to produce innovative and impactful solutions that drive socio-politico-economic change. In this course, a group of interdisciplinary students will apply the principles of design thinking and human-centered design to consider global and local systemic challenges that threaten the growth of individuals and communities in both emerging and economically developed countries, from food security to violence against women.

Experience Design Consultant

  • YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING, 02/2015:05/2017
    I led the YFU design team, following the implementation processes and re-branding efforts of YFU’s 50 National Organizations, working with marketing experts and strategic developers, managing interns and volunteers to produce printed material, web platforms and educational toolkits.

  • White Orange, Architecture & Design Studio, 2014
    I consulted the studio in the preliminary research and design prototypes for improving wardrobe space and modular storage boxes.

  • Daladräkt (AB), Fashion Brand, 2013
    I collaborated with a group of fashion designers and entrepreneurs to revitalize the tradition of Swedish folk costumes, focusing on the production of a digital platform and marketplace to reach consumers in Scandinavia and North America.

Social Media Coordinator
Experience Design Group, Konstfack University, 08/2013:07/2014

I collaborated with faculty and students to tell the past and ongoing research of the Experience Design Group, managing the group’s website and Twitter page, while actively documenting the group’s research through graphics, photography and videos.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator
College of Arts and Sciences Hive, University of Kentucky, 05/2011:07/2012

I worked in a team of photographers, bloggers and media managers to develop the visuals and branding for various departments in the college.

Assistant Curator
Henry Clay Foundation, Lexington:KY, 01:05/2011

I trained as a researcher and exhibition co-curator on the impact of US administrative and political choices leading to the Civil War of 1861–1865 and the exploitation of Native Americans.


Lectures, Reviews and Mentorship


  • 21c Lexington, Shift + SAVS, Lexington:KY, 2018

  • What Design Can Do + UNHCR + IKEA Foundation, Rockstart:Amsterdam, 2017

  • College of Design, University of Kentucky, Lexington:KY

    • Invited Guest for Rebekah Radtke, 2016

    • Invited Guest for School of Interiors Annual Gathering, 2016

    • Invited Guest for “Inclusion by Design” panel, 2018

  • The Welcome Card, Stockholm:Sweden, 2016

  • Hult Prize, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm:Swede,n 2016

  • Konstfack University, Stockholm:Sweden, 2014


  • “Advocating Campus Inclusivity for People with Disabilities”
    Graduate Thesis by Lauren Delventhal, College of Design, University of Kentucky (UK), Lexington:KY, 2019

  • Developing The Welcome Card
    School of Art and Visual Studies, College of Fine Arts, University of Kentucky (UK), Lexington:KY, 2018

  • Asylum-Seeking in The Netherlands
    Industrial Design Department, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven:The Netherlands, 2018

  • Mentorship by Design
    College of Design, University of Kentucky (UK), Lexington:KY, 2017 + 2018

  • “Advocating Health: A Community of Support”
    Senior Thesis by Elizabth Rivard, College of Design, University of Kentucky (UK), Lexington:KY, 2018

  • Sonder
    Hult Prize, Stockholm:Sweden, 2017

Reviewer and Guest Critic

  • Architecture 234 2nd year studio, Professor Liz Swanson, College of Design, University of Kentucky (UK), 2018

  • Architecture 151 1st year studio, Jordan Hines, College of Design, University of Kentucky (UK), 2017

  • Interior Design 3rd year studio, Rebekah Radtke, College of Design (UK), 2017

  • Architecture 355 3rd year studio, Professor Greg Luhan, College of Design (UK), 2017

  • Human-Centered Design, Stockholm +Acumen at SSE, Stockholm:Sweden, 2017

  • Industrial Design, Jenny Althoff and Rochus Hinkel, Konstfack University, Stockholm:Sweden, 2014


  • MBA 624, Entrepreneurship and Business Start-ups
    College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky (UK), Lexington:KY, 2018


Leadership and Collaborations

Stockholm +Acumen Leadership Team
Design & Courses, Stockholm:Sweden, 2014:2017

I collaborated on the establishment and development of the Stockholm chapter of the international non-profit organization Acumen. My responsibilities included visual design and community outreach, and the coordination and facilitation of +Acumen courses. My focus has been on training and equipping industry professionals with human-centered design and design thinking methodologies, prototyping toolkits and social impact measurement tools in the context of consumer-oriented solutions, poverty alleviation, integration and immigration

Nida Art Colony IP Erasmus
Researcher, Nida:Lithuania, 06/2013

I investigated the current role of sustainability and developed counter-strategies for green washing, in collaboration with the Yes Lab, University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, and Vilnius Academy of Arts

Interior Design Student Association
Student Member & Director, University of Kentucky, 09/2010:08/2012

I organized, promoted and coordinated events while managing the student organization, with the objective of connecting and creating dialogues between interior design academics and professionals

Students Helping Honduras
Co-director, University of Kentucky, 09/2009:12/2012

I co-founded and promoted the University of Kentucky chapter of the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization Students Helping Honduras (SHH), with a focus on coordinating fund raising events and trips to Honduras, in the joint effort with CECI to respond to the poverty- and education-related challenges of the local communities

Social Impact Project, El Progreso:Honduras, 03/2010
I travelled to El Progreso, Honduras to provide hands-on work for the organization SHH, focusing on educational buildings for young children


Super Powers

Digital Editing
Adobe CC (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, AfterEffects, PremierePro)

InVision + Marvel

Programming (beginner)

Google Analytics

Acrobat Pro

Word + PowerPoint + Excel
Mac Pages + Keynote + Numbers

Italian and English (native proficiency)
Spanish (intermediate proficiency)

Design Research
Human-Centered Design
UX Design Research
Experience Prototyping
Design Strategy

Systems Thinking

Inter- and Trans-disciplinary Research
Trendspotting and Future Forecasting

Digital Modeling
Autodesk AutoCad
Rhinoceros + Vray

3-axis CNC
Laser Cut/Etching
3D printing

Model Making and Prototyping


Curriculum Development, Courses and Workshop Lead

“Design Innovation in Systemic Challenges”
Design Thinking, Systems Theory, Human-Centered Design
University of Kentucky, College of Design, Lexington:KY, 2018

“How might we rethink the system of accommodating refugees in Sweden?”
Human-Centered Design and Prototyping
Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, SSES Campus, Stockholm:Sweden, 2015:16

“Berättande som Förändringsverktyg” (Storytelling for Change)
Sundsgården HBV, Ekerö & Impact Hub Stockholm, Stockholm:Sweden, 2016
Course developed for unaccompanied minors and refugee youth to give them the tools to be the voice of their own story.

“Human-Centered Design: Learning the Toolkit”
Stockholm Impact Hub (2015), Stockholm School of Economics (2017), Stockholm:Sweden


Awards and Recognitions

What Design Can Do + UNHCR + IKEA Foundation: The Refugee Challenge, 2016
Digital Media Award, 2012
suckerPUNCH Robot Shop, 2012
UK/CoD Leadership Award, 2011
UK/CoD Creativity Award, 2010
Oswald Creativity Award, 2011
Kentuckiana Masonry Institute, 2010

Honor Student
NCUR Ithaca, 2011
Dean’s List, 2007:2012

Exhibitions & Publications
Stedelijk Museum, “Solution or Utopia?”, Amsterdam, 2017

“The Limits of Empathy,” Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet (DiVA), Konstfack University (2014)

“Caravaggio and the Head of Goliath,” Kaleidoscope: Vol. 10 (2011)
NCUR, Ithaca College (2011)



Kattis Åström
Former Director of External Affairs and Development at Youth For Understanding, business leader and change maker.

Anders Forsberg and Marie Lärka
Teammates in the Welcome Card project. Anders is a migration adviser for the Red Cross Sverige and Marie is an organizational design and development consultant in Stockholm, Sweden

Jenny Althoff
Senior lecturer in the departments of Experience Design and Industrial Design at Konstfack University.

Michael Speaks
Dean of the School of Architecture, Syracuse University, and former Dean of the College of Design, University of Kentucky.