branding the Stockholm-based fashion startup company
Stockholm:Sweden, 2013

Daladräkt is a Stockholm-based clothing company that designs boutique-quality traditional Swedish costumes and distributes them worldwide through an online platform. Folkloristic apparel had been worn for hundreds of years in Sweden, as well as across the world in different cultures. Daladräkt's vision was to restore the traditional production of Dalecarlian hand-made apparel in order to revive its use and culture.


The startup company began as a collaboration between a folk historian, a fashion designer,  a tailor, an entrepreneur, a photographer and a graphic/web designer, to build a platform that would revive the tradition of Swedish folk costumes. The garments are inspired by the designs and culture of the land of Dalecarlia, which has a very rich history and heritage of folk costumes. My responsibilities included branding and brand development, designing the website and the online selling platform, as well as designing and producing printing and marketing material.