a formal exploration
University of Kentucky, Lexington:KY, 2012

This project belongs to my undergraduate portfolio, when I took an architecture core class on digital modeling and rendering. The result is this study in form and composition that explores the concepts of tension and extension.

Tension is a form of force exerted by the action of pulling an object on another. Extension is the property of existing in more than one dimension. 

This pavilion is the combination of tension and extension of points and masses, produced by the projection of points beyond the standard vertical and horizontal planes. Thus, the conditions that are generated create a three-dimensional space that wants to control the users’ movements and the levels of interaction between them and the pavilion. The placement of the pavilion on a site further contributes to define the concept of extension, by creating tense geometries that emphasize the pavilion’s diagonal cantilevers over the ground.

Pavilion site exploration render: Cincinnati:OH Sawyer Point

Pavilion site exploration render: Lexington:KY Phoenix Park

Architectural model: ABS plastic 3d printed model on CNC milled high-density polyurethane foam site.