Starting in January 2015, I lead the design team in the launch and development of the recently re-branded non-profit youth exchange organization Youth For Understanding (YFU). The re-branding process, which occurred 60 years after the founding of the 501(c)(3), saw a strategic redesign that embraced the organization's contemporary mission, messaging and vision, to promote a meaningful presence in today's market. The re-branding process consisted in digitizing YFU’s vision, redesigning both offline and online visual material, redefining some of its core programs and better targeting its audiences. Following are some samples approved for publication.

Printed & Marketing Material Samples


Website Concept and Digital Resources

Website Templates

Following the design of the main website, the project developed into creating a set of templates and guidelines, which aimed at providing an easy-to-use and easy-to-setup website for YFU's National Organizations across the globe, using consistent brand rules and structured content layouts. The templates, available for desktop and optimized for mobile usage, are fed by a back-end that provides auto-generated content based on visitor's view, as well as internal communication tools for staff and volunteers.

Branding Concept and Educational Material

Following are some examples from two programs concept rebranding, Colored Glasses and Virtual Exchange, which seek to expand intercultural education through in-person workshops and online courses. Both rebranding projects looked at the core principles of these two programs and the parallels to YFU, following a thorough research process and including the feedback of both trainers and participants. The rebranding processes incorporated the main visual elements of the YFU's brand and produced both online and offline resources.