b. 1986, HK.

I am an experience designer, who is passionate about working with inter- and transdisciplinary methods to solve wicked problems. I have been practicing as a visual designer and creative director, while serving as leader and coordinator for several community development projects, non-profit organizations and start-up companies between the United States, Honduras, Sweden and Italy.

I enjoy travelling, reading dystopian literature, listening to lectures and talking about Italian art and history. My favorite place to be is Rome:Italy, but I have travelled as north as Kiruna:Sweden, and worked in places as hot and humid as El Progreso:Honduras. I come from a small town in Italy, mentioned once in an Ernest Hemingway's book, and I am currently bouncing between Treviso:Italy and Lexington:KY.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, ask a question, or work together, fill out the form or send me an email at veronica.polinedrio@gmail.com

Together with my partner for life and forever adventure companion, I am part of Root Design, a small LLC design practice based in Lexington:KY. On the other side of the world, I am part of SPRIg DEsign for the welcome card project in Stockholm:Sweden. Follow the links to get in touch with me there or to know more about the projects.

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